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About the National Limousine & Chauffeur Association

The National Limousine & Chauffeur Association (NLCA) was instituted to achieve two principle objectives.

The first objective is to bring together professional chauffeured car service providers in the United Kingdom into a single organisation which will establish standards of service and conduct throughout the industry. The second objective is to provide the public with a benchmark enabling customers to hire with confidence from any operator displaying the NLCA logo.

A Professional Approach

Whether a chauffeur service provider operates stretched limousines, executive cars, wedding cars, or people carriers and coaches, the approach to customers should be courteous, efficient and reliable. The NLCA sets standards which members are committed to maintain. Guidelines regarding the standards of service are laid down and NLCA members are bound to uphold these standards by virtue of their membership.

Customer Confidence

The benefits of membership of the NLCA are reciprocal. Customers are assured of a service provider who has a committment to his profession and has shown, by virtue of their membership of the NLCA, their determination to provide the very highest standards of service. The member has the assurance that the support and encouragement of the NLCA will enable them to offer their services with confidence.

Aims of the National Limousine & Chauffeur Association

The aims of the NLCA are broadly as follows. To lay down formal Rules of Conduct for members. These will also cover conduct in respect of referrals, cross-hires and title to clients.

  • To restrict membership of the NLCA to operators of proven quality.
  • To be aware of current legislation affecting members’ operations and to ensure that members operate within the law on all occasions.
  • To be proactive in ensuring that the reasonable requirements of members are accounted for in the drafting of new and revised legislation at national and local government levels.
  • To assist fellow members in times of emergency, breakdown, accident or other unforseen circumstance.
  • To maintain a register of members’ cars to enable a comprehensive service to be offered to customers.
  • To maintain a register of approved chauffeurs.
  • To use the resources of the National Limousine Association (UK) in marketing and advertising and to post members’ details on the National Limousine Association (UK) web site.
  • To establish and maintain public awareness of the National Limousine Association (UK) as a professional body.
  • To establish in the perception of the public the quality of service they will receive by using a member of the National Limousine & Chauffeur Association.
  • To use the NLCA logo in all advertising, correspondence and promotional material. To increase profitability for members.

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